Aroma Fusion Consultation™

Aroma Fusion Consultation is a form that you complete online. Our in-house aromatherapist will create your own unique aromatherapy fusion recipe using a choice of over 70 different essential oils. Your tailor made, unique formula will give guidance on which oils are specifically good for you to use on your skin, hair, for the mind and for your ailments. They can be mixed with your own carrier oils (found here) to create a massage oil for use on the face, body, hands and feet and as a hair and scalp treatment. It can be added to a body or foot bath and to an oil burner or bowl of hot water to infuse into the air etc.


How it works

  1. Purchase a consultation form.
  2. We will then send you an Aroma Fusion form to complete.
  3. Our in-house aromatherapist will design a formula unique to you by analysing your answers and using her 19+ years aromatherapy knowledge.
  4. You will receive a PDF document via email explaining about your new Aroma Fusion blend, your specific essential oils and how to blend them, essential oil properties, specific directions, methods of use and precautions etc.
  5. You can then order your essential oils, carrier oils and containers if needed anytime in our 'Ingredients' section with 10% discount to add at checkout. We will send your unique offer code with your analysis. There is no obligation to purchase our oils, however we have used the same suppliers for over 19 years because we know they are unadulterated and they are pure in quality. We use them in our skincare and we have full CPSR's (cosmetic safety reports) for each. Our analysis of your consultation is based on our specific essential oils and we cannot reccommend the same properties or uses for another companys oils. E.G. Did you know there are over 100 different lavender oils? From organic and pure to hybrids, adulterated, mixed oils, mixed species and even 'fragrance' oils.. all to make the oil cheaper!. All of these 'oils' have different properties and are used for different ailments and skin types. We specifically use Lavender essential oil from the flowers of the Lavandula angustifolia plant, steam distilled, from France only.


Going forward, if you have any changes that may affect your form answers and hence your blend, you must cease using your oils immediately and contact us about the changes. We can offer guidance and if your recipe needs changing or you would like a simple 'refresh' we will complete a re-design for £10.


Please note, when we ask for your 'prefered scents' on the consultation form, we are simply finding out as much about you as possible to be able to create your perfect blend. Ailments and skin benefits etc will always be considered first before your prefered scent.



We do not accept responsibility for improper use of this product. All formulas are specific to you and must not be used by anyone other than yourself and must be used according to the directions. We do not make any medical claims, we simply advise what the essential oils are generally used for as a guide. We use organic essential oils where possible - some essential oils are simply not produced organically or are far too expensive. Essential oils naturally contain allergens. If an allergic reaction occurs you must cease use immediately, cleanse the area with clean water and gentle soap and consult your GP. We cannot be held liable for allergic reactions that we cannot control. We only list certain essential oils for sale on our website as others are too expensive for sale. However, we will use our whole range to analyse your consultation.

Aroma Fusion Consultation™


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