Berry Te'™

Berry  Te'™  is a skin toning floral hydrosol made with 100% Organic juniperus communis - Juniper berries.  Berry Te' is excellent for most skin and scalp types especially troublesome, oily and congested skin and scalp. Can be used as a facial tonic, facial spritizer, body tonic, scalp tonic or hair spritzer.


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Our hydrosols are organically grown without pesticides or fertilisers by our suppliers on Surrey Hills Farm. Our Berry Te' has skin tightening and awakening properties. Extremely skin detoxifying and toxin cleansing, Berry Te' is ideal for sluggish skin and hair. It is a reviving hydrosol that kick starts and revives, helping to eliminate toxins and build-up from the skin to rejuvenate your complexion.  Berry Te' combins beautifully with other floral waters, to make very powerful skincare solutions.


Scent: Essential oil free however, it has a very light scent of fresh juniper berries.


50ml clear glass with spray top £11

100ml clear glass with spray top - save £8

250ml amber glass with spray top- save £25


50ml Naked (basic amber glass bottle with screw cap) - save £2

100ml Naked (basic amber glass bottle with scew cap) - save £10

250ml Naked (basic amber glass bottle with screw cap) - save £27


Design your own skincare! We also offer our Te' hydrosols in smaller sizes so that you can choose 2-3 to create your own formula unique to you! You can still purchase one type of Te' but to make your skincare more unique to you, you can choose a few! As an example if you have combination skin you could choose a Te' for dry skin and one for oily skin. You can mix them together or use them seperately on each area of skin. Welcome to unique skincare chosen by you!


Please note if you are purchasing more than one Te' each one needs to be added to your basket and we recommend purchasing the 50ml sizes. 50ml will last around a month, hence x3 50ml's (150ml) will last around  3 months if used as a facial toner twice per day, less if it is also used as a body tonic/facial spritzer/scalp tonic/hair spritzer.


If you need an extra sterlised bottle you can purchase one of ours HERE or use one of your own!


Dont' forget you can add a gift bag or have your labels personalised at checkout!

Berry Te'™

  • 100% Organic Melissa Officinalis Hydrosol

  • Directions:

    Facial Tonic: After cleansing, shake bottle gently then spray onto organic cotton. Wipe over the entire face, neck and décolletage then follow with Roots moisturiser. Use 2x daily.

    Facial Spritizer: Shake bottle gently then spritz onto the face with your eyes closed. Use as and when needed.

    Scalp Tonic: After shampooing and/or conditioning pour a little onto the scalp. Massage into the scalp and allow to work, no need to rinse off.

    Hair Spritzer: Spray onto the hair and massage using finger tips. Use as and when needed.

    Store in a cool, dark area.

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